Business Solutions

Business Solutions


This is the very beginning of the business lifecycle – germination of an idea and visualisation of its business and other impact potential with a usually low risk appetite

Acceleration & Growth

With completely established businesses geared up for acceleration strategies, top management and ownership as well as investors look to capitalise on this to achieve high growth and leap forward to success of the vision of the business.


After a high growth phase, businesses stabilise –2.0 is usually coined to handle this stage with businesses looking to explore areas to replicate their success of the first plan of their visionary management


At this stage, the operations would have stabilised and there is more confidence on the model with consistent cash flows and customer inflow.

Expansion & Diversification

Based on plans made during stable state growth of businesses and the fact that global relevance of products and services are realised, there is great potential in expansion and diversification strategies

Maturity & Exit

Successful navigation of all the prior stages poises the business in a state of maturity and high value with potential exit or other forms of value realisation. Stable profits and growth, industry leadership with strong brand image are all measures of success at this stage.

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