Capability and capacity assessment and building strategies.

At this stage, the operations would have stabilised and there is more confidence on the model with consistent cash flows and customer inflow.


This requires all processes and flows to stabilise. A certain informal element in each of the aspects needs formalisation and controls need to kick in. Growth plans are made and the conservative tone converts to aggressive growth with higher risks.


A diagnosis and design framework helps assess Investment requirements for growth need and analyse all related needs to progress to High Growth stage. Capability and capacity assessment and building strategies are designed. Clear KRA –KPI structure with goals, processes, procedures and practice evolution is undertaken.


Top management and operating management get setup with clearly defined KRAs.
Complete structural evolution and soft infrastructure formation takes place Optimisation and capacity utilisation are coupled with aggressive goal setup for growth
Automation and system setup to support the targeted growth

Services Involved

  • Process Automation: ERP Assessment, Blueprinting and Application Assessment, Blueprinting and IT Controls
  • Insurance Strategy and Reviews
  • Litigation Process Strategies
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • E-Commerce Platform: Processes and Recos
  • Performance Management Framework and MIS Strategies
  • Process Strategy and Risk Management
  • Tax, Legal and Regulatory Risk Management & Governance
  • Patent Box
  • Transaction Tax Strategies
  • Business Traveller Strategies
  • Investment -FDI & ODI, Debt, Revenue structuring from RBI & Tax
  • Transaction Strategies
  • HR Strategies
  • New Regulations and Incentives: Compliance automation / integration into organisational processes
  • ERP Blueprinting, Migration, UAT
  • Organisation Design and Structuring: SOD, DOA, etc

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