Scale-up requirements & strategies monitoring

After a high growth phase, businesses stabilise –2.0 is usually coined to handle this stage with businesses looking to explore areas to replicate their success of the first plan of their visionary management.

Whilst growth unquestionably continues, the rate slows down and market saturation or competitor encroachment risks increase.


With well set risk management practices, focus will be to shorten this phase and leap forward to areas that promise growth through geographical and functional expansion thought process and unconventional ideas that require the management to wear back the hat that was worn in the ideation stage.


Investments are made more cautiously and risk appetite is lowered –at this stage, risk management practices take a higher pedestal as businesses look to jump over hurdles of a different kind.
Risk management focus –external environmental risk factors
Geographical expansion and growth Product diversification strategies
Productization strategies
Collaboration opportunities to diversify offerings


Cost Optimisation and Productivity focus
Risk management
2.0 Growth Plans
Product and customer strategies High impact Collaborations

Services Involved

  • Zero Based Productivity Strategies
  • Operating Cost Reduction and Control Strategies
  • Short term investments & Forex hedging, FCNR Loans -General Financial Strategies
  • Internal Audits based on ERM methodologies
  • Information System Audits and IT Risk
  • Non-Compliance Management Strategy
  • Tax Litigation
  • POEM
  • Legal and Regulatory Litigation
  • Debt Fund Raise Assistance through JSS Global EcoSystem Partners
  • ERP and other Application Implementations

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